Gypsum Board

Product Specifications

1. Regular Gypsum Board - Regular Gypsum Boards are gypsum based wall boards whose front and back surfaces, and long edges, are sandwiched in a board liner. RG boards are used for cladding walls and ceilings constructed on metal grids and wooden frames: for furring, partitions and ceilings, prefab building units and for dry lining using dot and dab of a gypsum based bonder.

2. Fire Resistant Gypsum Board - Fire Resistant Gypsum Boards are gypsum based wall boards whose core is reinforced with fiber glass for purpose of fire resistance. FR boards are preferred in shaft wall installations, furring, partitions, suspended ceilings and prefab units with fire protection requirements.

3. Fire & Moisture Resistant - Fire & Moisture Resistant Gypsum Boards are fire resistant boards whose gypsum core is additionally hydrophobized against absorption of moisture. Their application areas are similar to the FR Boards. However FM boards are primarily used for bathrooms and kitchens in private housing and offices.