TIA9000 Double Hung

Product Specifications

Product Specifications 
Maintenance Ease
>Operating sash tilt in for glass cleaning from interior
>Flexible PVC gasket is reusable for glass replacement
>Hardware is replaced, if necessary, with standard tools

>Tilt latches are spring-loaded for automatic engagement
>Sash removal is restricted with pivot bar snap locks
>Tilt latches are concealed in sash to resist tampering

>1" insulating glass in channel gasket glazing
>Meeting rail locks (not available with dual glazed option)
>AAMA Class 2 spiral balances and spring-loaded tilt latches

>Single glazed - maximum 1/4". Dual glazed (split sash) -maximum 1/4"
>AAMA Class 2 block & tackle balances
>AAMA Class 5 heavy duty spring balances
>Three-lite window (one top fixed and two operating sash- all in one frame)
>Head and sill automatic locks (standard with dual glazed)
>Oriel (unequal) sash (specify sill-to-CMR dimension)
>Full protection, half insect, or full insect exterior screens
>Flange frame; exterior or internal muntins