Product Specifications

Product Specifications
The industry’s smartest window keeps getting smarter. 
The TIA5450 single and double hung windows – the first hung window in the Optiq Ultra Thermal Window series – continue to set the standard for brilliance in window design. The result of an ongoing partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, the TIA5450 series window integrates innovative features to deliver the highest levels of thermal performance and offer more aesthetic choices for new and retrofit construction. With the TIA5450 series window, thermal intelligence just got brighter.
This versatile window is available in several configurations including, fixed, single hung and double hung. Additionally, the TIA5450 series window offers the flexibility to add or remove thermal options based on performance and cost requirement.

>Fixed:  AW-PG50-FW (AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A-440-11 DESIGNATION)
>Single  and Double Hung:  AW-PG50-H (AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A-440-08 DESIGNATION)
>4-5/8" Overall Frame Depth
>Architectural Grade AW-PG50-H
>Architectural Grade AW-PG50-FW
>Polyamide Thermal Barrier System
>High performance spacer
>1" and 1-1/2"Insulating Glass Units
>Tubular Profiles
>Architectural Anodized Finishes and Applied Coatings
>Interior and Exterior Dual Finish Options