Coded door lock

Product Specifications

Product Description 

It locks automatically when the door latches shut.  Has the optional setting of "passage function" which suspends the automatic re-locking, permitting the handle to be used freely without the code.  It can be set back to code locked only. 

Mul-T-Lock’s innovative door handle with integrated electronic security, offer simple and effective key-less locking for internal doors, without compromising aesthetics.

Designed to enable conveniently controlled access to a door, without the need for any secondary locking unit, Code-It is ideal for offices, storage cupboards or areas where sensitive or hazardous items are kept.

Once installed, Code-It provides the flexibility of use, with options for automatic re-locking after the entry of a valid code, or manual re-locking to allow a door to be left ‘open’ to allow traffic to pass freely.

As with all Muli-T-Lock products, Code-It is compliant with latest mechanical requirements to provide a safe and secure locking solution for ultimate end user peace of mind.