Square and Round Tubing

Product Specifications

Product Description 

Partition Post Stock is square extruded aluminum in your choice of four beautiful finishes: Satin Anodized, Duranodic Bronze, Brite Anodized, and Brite Gold Anodized. 12' (3.66 m) stock lengths are ready to be cut into any length posts required.

Square Extrusions can be used almost anywhere you can imagine a need for them. These extrusions are extremely versatile and are used for both commercial and residential applications. The wide range of styles and types to choose from will solve almost any project dilemma while performing their structural functions.

These multi-purpose Hollow Tube Extrusions can be used for mullions, stiffeners, and for custom fabrications. Each length comes individually wrapped in its own heavy-duty cardboard shipping tube for protection.

Hand Railing Tubing is formed using precision tooling to maintain uniform diameters, allowing for smooth hairline transitions at splices and end caps.


1. Top Quality Aluminum

2. Styles to Fit Almost Any Use

3. Requires End Caps and Connector Sleeves

4. Heavy Wall Tube is Strong Enough for Structural Work

5. Can Assemble the Partition Posts You Need in Your Own Shop and Save Time