Aluminium Frame Molding Accessories

Product Specifications

Product Specification

1. Bull Nose Mirror Frames offer a full rounded look to the framed mirror.

2. Hanger Set slides into the back channel on the Aluminum Frame Molding and locks in place with a set screw. Used to hang the fabricated frames to the wall. Consists of a stamped hanger and set screw.

3. Universal Framing Extrusions may be used for framing smaller hinged glass doors for showcases, cork board displays, and shadow box frames.

4. Base Channel can be used for the installation of fixed windows into doors, mounting display signs, display case fabrication, and many other applications.

1. Economical and Durable 
2. Used to Make Hinged Doors or Fixed Frames for 1/4" (6 mm) Materials
3. Attractive Finishes Available
4. Top Quality Aluminum
5. Styles to Fit Almost Any Use Component Parts to Simplify Frame Molding Assembly
6. Easy-to-Install Hanger Includes Set Screw