Product Specifications

Product Category 

The Louver windows in Takand create an architectural interest and enhance a variety of styles. Our Plantation type interior louver windows feature fixed, oversize louver in vented and false configurations.

Louvers allow air into a building while keeping out undesirable elements from Mother Nature like rain, water, dirt and debris. They also add the extra element of aesthetic design to a building exterior.

Vented louver window permit air flow and passage, making them ideal for applications like bathrooms and laundry room, where ventilation is preferred. This promotes some visibility through the window on the non-blind side.

False louver window feature a louver facade without air low or passage. These are ideal for applications where a louver look is desired, but total privacy is a necessity.


·     1. High corrosion-resistance

·     2. Weather-resistance

·     3. Heat-resistance,

·     4. Mildew-resistance

·     5. Stylish design

·     6. Any size available 


1. Fast and easy to install

2. Strength and durable

3. Non-corrosion

4. Simple and elegant style

5. Strength, stable and safe

Applicable Places:

suitable for warehouse, office, home.