TIA 900 Thermal Window

Product Specifications

Weather tight versatility. High thermal performance.

Key Features Include:
- Heavy Commercial Grade Window
- Tested to US  
- Accentutated Tubular Profiles 
- 450 Mitered Vent And Frame Corners
- Unique Mechanically Clipped or Skated Corner Joinery
- Factory Silicone Glazed or Field Dry Glazed
- Adjustable Euro-groove Mounted Hardware
- Single Handle Multi-Point Locking
-  Multiple Locking Handle Styles and Finishes
- Interior Applied Glazing Bead 
- Architectural Anodized Finishes and Applied Coatings
- Interior and Exterior Dual Finish Options
- Two Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
- Compatible with Storefront and Curtain Wall Systems
Large and Small Missile Impact tested for Fixed, Project Out and Casement Outswing configurations