TIA 6300

Product Specifications

Product specification
Double Horizontal Sliding Architectural Thermal Aluminium Windows 

Class & Grade: 
Operation Ease
>Full-height pull handles permit sash operation from window sill
>Rolling sash moves freely, yet seals tight when closed.
>After removing anti-takeout stop, sash lift out easily for glass cleaning

Maintenace Ease
>Wheels are adjustable to ensure proper sash alignment
>Weep system ensures water drains to exterior
>Hardware is replaced, if necessary, with standard tools

>Sash: X = operating; O = fixed; primary = interior; secondary = exterior
>1 " insulating glass; adjustable wheels
>10 psf sill; white bronze sweep lock; XX (specify primary sash)

>OXO (specify slide direction); XOX
>Full protection, half insect, or full insect exterior screens
>Exterior or internal muntins.
>TIA-6300: dual glazed (split sash) - maximum 3/16"; internal blinds
>TIA-6300: XO or OX (specify choice)
>TIA-6300: 15 psf sill; black zinc automatic lock