TIA700 Window Wall Section

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
FEATURES: Strength 
>Aluminium construction provides structural integrity
>4-5/8" frame depth
>1/8" walls and four screws per corner
>Vent corners are reinforced with gussets before crimping
>Vent members are double tubular extrusion

Flexibility in design
>Slab to slab construction
>Curved wall capability
>Integrated slab edge cover
>Optional concealed vent
>Structural 3 piece mullion
>Male / female connection
>Receptor and subsill fully integrates installation
>Fixed and operable units available 
>Uninterrupted sightlines

>1" insulating glass
>Concealed stainless steel hinges
>White bronze cam handles and strikes
>Aluminum construction provides structural integrity
>Versatility of design allows for flexibility in applications
>In house glazing provides high level of quality
>Shop glazed and assembled for ease of installation
>Superior air, water and structural performance

>Single glazed – maximum 1/4"
>Dual glazed (split vent) – maximum 1/4"exterior and interior (not available on concealed vent)
>Painted or anodized finishes

>Air infiltration: .08 Cfm/sq.Ft.
>Water resistance: 12 psf
>Design pressure: 80 psf