Wall Ceramic

Product Specifications

Ceramic Tiles for Creating Attractive Interior/Exterior Walls & Floors

Our large range of ceramic tile styles and sizes ensures you will find the tiles that will suit your property development needs perfectly. Whether you are building a property that needs to look very modern or something more traditional, you will find what you need. 

The ceramic tile that can be applied is so various designs from the simple plain design until the complicated design of the ceramic design. 

The ceramic tile has the strength with the durable tile design and it has the simple in the maintenance.

Ceramic tiles comes in various designs, colors and sizes.

20 X 40 cm
25 x 50 cm
30 x 50 cm
25 x 60 cm
30 x 60 cm
60 x 60 cm
60 x 90 cm
90 x 90 cm
25 x 120 cm
30 x 120 cm
35 x 120 cm
40 x 120 cm
60 x 120 cm